June 21-23 2010, Jyväskylä, Finland info@icsob.org  

Invited Keynotes


MC Professor Michael A. Cusumano (brief bio)
Sloan Management Review Distinguished Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Professor of Engineering Systems, MIT School of Engineering
Keynote title: Staying Power - Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World
Keynote slides are available here.


This talk will present an overview of Professor Cusumano’s forthcoming book from Oxford University Press titled, “Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World (Lessons from Toyota, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Google, and More),” based on the 2009 Clarendon Lectures in Management Studies at the University of Oxford. The focus is on basic principles important to address the challenge of simultaneous innovation and commoditization in many industries. The underlying ideas come from Professor Cusumano’s research over the past 30 years on the automobile, software, internet services, and consumer electronics industries, and have been studied extensively by management researchers.

The six principles, and their counterpoints, are: (1) platforms, not just products; (2) services, not just products (or platforms); (3) capabilities, not just strategy; (4) pull, don’t just push; (5) scope, not just scale; and (6) flexibility, not just efficiency. The first two principles are a new way of looking at strategy, innovation, and business models for the product firm. The last four principles deal with firm “agility” or the ability to anticipate and react quickly and flexibility to change. Professor Cusumano positions principle idea against other concepts frequently associated with “best practices” and competitive advantage but which he believes are less valuable than they seem.


Pirkka Pirkka Palomäki
Chief Technology Officer at F-Secure Corporation
Keynote title: Software Industry Transformation from Products to Services
Keynote slides are available here.

Brief Bio

Pirkka Palomäki is the Chief Technology Officer of F-Secure Corporation and he is a member of the Executive Team. He has joined F-Secure in 1997 and has previously held positions in Product Management and Marketing. Prior to joining F-Secure, Mr. Palomäki worked for Telecom Finland (currently TeliaSonera) in the field of marketing, business development and development management for data communication services. He holds a Master of Science degree in International Marketing and Business Strategy from the Helsinki University of Technology.


Karl Dr. Karl Michael Popp (brief bio)
Director of mergers and acquisitions at SAP AG
Keynote title: Business Models in the Software Industry
Keynote slides are available here.


This presentation will give an overview of business models of large software vendors and the current changes and challenges large software vendors are facing. Based on a semi-formal framework, business models of large software companies like Google, Microsoft or SAP are presented and analyzed. The presentation will also cover current changes in the software industry, like new delivery models (on-demand, on-device) and their impact to business models of large software companies.

The content of this presentation is based on Karl Popp´s research and fifteen years of active work in the software industry. Karl created numerous partnerships with large and small software vendors and managed several dozen software supplier relationships for SAP AG, which also included audits of the software suppliers. These relationships provided great insights into the business models of the respective software vendors. Some of the topics covered in this presentation are taken from the forthcoming book "Business Models, Ecosystems and Partnerships in the Software Industry" by Karl Michael Popp and Ralf Meyer.