June 21-23 2010, Jyväskylä, Finland info@icsob.org  

Scientific Program

The scientific program of ICSOB 2010 will consist of invited keynote talks given by leading experts in the field, general sessions, industrial track, as well as workshops and tutorials. The program overview and the detailed program are given below.

Program Overview

Prorgam overview in pdf format is available here.

Monday, 21 June

09:00-09:30Registration opens
09:30-12:30Workshop (C201):
Competencies for the Globalization of Information Systems in Knowledge-Intensive Settings
09:30-12:30Tutorial (Gamma):
Applying statistical research methods in software business
09:30-12:30Tutorial (Delta):
SaaS Business -- Theory and Practice
13:30-16:30Workshop (C201):
Global Outsourcing of Software Development
14:00-17:00Tutorial CONTINUED (Gamma):
Applying statistical research methods in software business
14:00-17:00Tutorial (Delta):
Creating Productive Global Virtual Teams: Developing Effective Collaboration across ..
17:00-18:30Meeting on International Software Industry Survey Initiative (C201)
18:30-20:30Welcome reception (Restaurant Piato)

Tuesday, 22 June

09:00-09:30Opening session (Aud 3)
09:30-10:30Keynote 1: Michael Cusumano (Aud 3)
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-12:30Parallel session 1: Business models (Alfa)
11:00-12:30Parallel session 2: Education and Research (Beta)
11:00-12:30Software Business Innovation Track (Aud 3)
14:00-15:00Keynote 2: Pirkka Palomäki (Aud 3)
15:00-17:30Parallel session 3: Product management (Alfa; coffee break at 15:45)
15:00-17:30Parallel session 4: Software-as-a-Service (Beta; coffee break at 15:45)
15:00-17:30Software Business Innovation Track (Aud 3; coffee break at 15:45)
19:00-22:30Boat trip, Conference dinner, and Best paper award

Wednesday, 23 June

09:00-10:00Keynote 3: Karl Popp (Aud 3)
10:00-10:30Coffee break
10:30-12:30Parallel session 5: Internationalization (Alfa)
10:30-12:30Parallel session 6: Ecosystems (Beta)
14:00-16:00Parallel session 7: Business management (Alfa)
14:00-16:00Parallel session 8: Open Source Software (Beta)
16:00-16:30Coffee break
16:30-17:30Plenary session and closing

Main track - papers organized by sessions

Parallel session 1: Business models (Alfa)
Chaired by Karl-Michael Popp

Sami Saarenketo, Olli Kuivalainen and Jari Varis: Partnering strategies in global software business – a contingency perspective.

Mikko Riepula: A Licensing and Business Model for Sharing Source Code with Clients—Leveraging Open Client Innovation in the Proprietary World.

Parallel session 2: Education and Research (Beta)
Chaired by Mikko Rönkkö

Mikko Rönkkö, Aku Valtakoski and Juhana Peltonen: The Case for Software Business as a Research Discipline: Fallacies, Misunderstandings, and Sheer Ignorance?

Nina Koivisto: How can Academic business research support the Finnish software industry?

Mirja Pulkkinen, Denis Kozlov and Jan Pawlowski: Software and Standardization in the e-Learning Domain; Observations in a Market Vertical.

Parallel session 3: Product management (Alfa)
Chaired by Sjaak Brinkkemper

Inge van de Weerd, Willem Bekkers and Sjaak Brinkkemper: Developing a Maturity Matrix for Software Product Management.

Peter Artz, Inge van de Weerd and Sjaak Brinkkemper: Productization: transforming from developing customer-specific software to product software.

Marko Ikonen and Pekka Abrahamsson: Anticipating the success of a business-critical software project: A comparative case study of waterfall and agile approaches.

Parallel session 4: Software-as-a-Service (Beta)
Chaired by Nazmun Nahar

Tuomas Mäkilä, Antero Järvi, Mikko Rönkkö, Jussi Nissilä and Autere Jussi: How to Define Software-as-a-Service - An Empirical Study of Finnish SaaS Firms.

Daniel Hilkert, Christian M. Wolf, Alexander Benlian and Thomas Hess: The "as-a-Service"-Paradigm and its Implications for the Software Industry – Insights from a Comparative Case Study in CRM Software Ecosystems.

Eetu Luoma, Oleksiy Mazhelis and Pertti Paakkolanvaara: Software-as-a-Service in the telecommunication industry: Problems and opportunities.

Parallel session 5: Internationalization (Alfa)
Chaired by Jan Pawlowski

Mikko Rönkkö and Juhana Peltonen: Internationalization of Software Firms – Evidence from Finland.

Arto Ojala and Tanja Kontinen: Distance factors in the foreign market entry of software SMEs.

Marko Forsell: Looking Internationalization of a Software Firm Through the Lens of Network Theory: Three Cases from One Firm.

Parallel session 6: Ecosystems (Beta)
Chaired by Slinger Jansen

Juha Taina: How green is your software?

Aku Valtakoski and Mikko Rönkkö: Diversity of Business Models in Software Industry – Evidence from Finland.

Karl Popp: Goals of software vendors for partner ecosystems – a practitioner´s view.

Parallel session 7: Business management (Alfa)
Chaired by Jyrki Kontio

Oskari Miettinen, Oleksiy Mazhelis and Eetu Luoma: Managerial Growth Challenges in Small Software Firms: A Multiple-case Study of Growth-Oriented Enterprises.

Juhana Peltonen and Mikko Rönkkö: Board interlocks in high technology ventures: The relation to growth, financing, and internationalization.

Nina Koivisto and Mikko Rönkkö: Entrepreneurial challenges in a software industry.

Parallel session 8: Open Source Software (Beta)
Chaired by Ernesto Damiani

Fulvio Frati, Ernesto Damiani, Claudio Agostino Ardagna and Massimo Banzi: Implementing Open Source Software Governance in Real Software Assurance Processes.

Mikko Laine and Christian Fruehwirth: Monitoring Social Media: Tools, Characteristics and Implications.

Lindman Juho, Risto Rajala and Matti Rossi: FLOSS-induced Changes in the Software Business: Insights from the pioneers.