June 21-23 2010, Jyväskylä, Finland info@icsob.org  

Tutorial: Applying statistical research methods in software business

Currently the researchers that include software business as one of their topic areas come from very different paradigms. Software business researchers often rely on management theories, such as the resource based view. Since statistical analysis is the predominant method in more established management disciplines, it is important for aspiring software business researcher to understand statistics to be able to evaluate the quality of these studies. Moreover,the ability to use statistical methods broadens makes more research questions accessible to a software business researcher.

Motivated by the need to understand statistical research done in other disciplines and the internal calls for more and better statistical studies, we are organizing a tutorial on statistical methods during the First International Conference on Software Business. The tutorial will be a full-day event consisting of four sessions. The focus on the tutorial is both on the theory and application of statistical analysis. In contrast to many text books on statistical analysis, the tutorial will first present a practical analysis problem and then proceed on how statistics can solve this. Theory comes to play only when we discuss how statistical data can lead to false conclusions and how to avoid these.

The tutorial will consist of the following parts:

Session 1: Philosophy of statistical research and basics of statistical inference
Session 2: Types of data and measurement
Session 3: Regression analysis
Session 4: Structural equation modeling

Target Audience

The tutorial is designed in a way that no prerequisite knowledge of statistical inference or statistics are required. During the session we will cover all the basics required. The session is aimed for researchers that have either little background on statistics or have used statistical analysis before, but would need a refresher on the principles and theories of statistical studies. It is highly encouraged that all participants participate on each session, since the knowledge of the earlier sessions is a prerequisite for later sessions. The tutorial will include examples with Stata and R. Structural equation modeling is presented with Mplus and R.

Tutorial organizers

Mikko Rönkkö is a research manager and a doctoral candidate at Aalto University, School of Science and Technology, Software Business Lab. He specializes in statistical research and has currently several papers using statistics as well as papers about statistical methods in review.

Jukka Ylitalo is a researcher at Software Business Lab in Aalto University, School of Science and Technology. He has a master's degree in systems and operations research and has specialized in statistical analysis. He has taught statistical inference in Helsinki University of Technology in several years.