ICSOB-13: Workshops

In addition to the main track, ICSOB conference hosts two workshops on related topics:

The workshops shall run in parallel in June 11th.

5th International Workshop on Software Ecosystems


After four successful workshops (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) IWSECO continues its world tour to Potsdam in 2013.The creation and adoption of a software ecosystem is becoming increasingly pervasive. Several companies are platformizing successful products and opening these products up for outside innovation where customers expect to be actively involved in the shaping of the technology they use. This also leads to new opportunities and challenges regarding new business models, open innovation, collaborative development, strategic planning, and coordination of multiple platforms.The IWSECO aims to further increase the body of knowledge in software ecosystems by providing a forum to exchange ideas and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and experiences in the field. It aims to build and shape the community of leading practitioners and research experts by providing a forum for the exchange of research results and industrial practice in software ecosystems.

Chairs: Carina Alves, Geir Hanssen, Jan Bosch

From Start-ups to SaaS Conglomerate: Life Cycles of Software Products workshop


IW-LCSP’2013, From Start-ups to SaaS Conglomerate: Life Cycles of Software Products workshop aims at advancing research on the field of software business. The workshop focuses especially on industry relevant topics, such as software start-ups, requirements engineering and software product management. A special focus is given the empirical research and on new emerging topics in the field. The workshop will provide researchers and practitioners with a community and forum to contribute, discuss, network and learn about the latest research results in the field. Welcoming both, academics and practitioners, the workshop organizers look for ways to feed the systematically acquired understanding back to the general benefit of the software industry.

Chairs: Krzysztof Wnuk, Sami Hyrynsalmi, Maya Daneva

Please do not hesitate to contact workshops@icsob.org for further information on the workshops.