June 21-23 2010, Jyväskylä, Finland info@icsob.org  

Social Events

Get-together Party on Monday 21st

All participants are welcome to join the Get-together party on the first night and meet their colleagues from all around the world. The party will be arranged at the Conference site.

Boat tour and Conference Dinner on Tuesday 22nd

The evening starts by a typical lake cruise from the harbour of Jyväskylä along the Lake Päijänne. After magnificent views of this steep-shore, deepest lake of Finland (max. 95 m) we will arrive at our dinner destination Savutuvan Apaja: a unique village consisting of old traditional Finnish dwellings and cottages. Our dinner will serve us typical Finnish dishes in a traditional old Finnish atmosphere. In the end of the evening before midnight, there will be bus transportation back to the hotels.